Surviving Bankruptcy

If you are already bankrupt, we can assist you with:

• attending meetings with you at the Official Receiver’s office in completion of the information required by the Official Receiver
• reviewing your affairs and advise as to the likely outcome of your bankruptcy for you
• obtaining the best strategy to safeguard your home (very important)
• explaining and clarify the bankruptcy process
• mortgages / home ownership generally
• bank accounts
• dealing with pensions
• dealing with Endowment policies
• formalising an Arrangement with your creditors
• informal Arrangements with your creditors
• clearing your name from the credit files
• depending on the circumstances it is possible to obtain an early discharge within 6 months

Have the ongoing support of an advisor throughout the bankruptcy proceedings to attend to Official Receiver meetings and Court Hearings and attend to all the administration on your behalf until completion.

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