We provide the advice and tools needed to steer you in the right direction.
We fully understand that sudden changes in the business environment can leave a business or individuals facing unexpected financial strains. It can happen to anyone. This can be stressful and uncomfortable, which is why we take time to determine the right path forward providing reassurance and peace of mind along the way.

Our advice is easy to understand and we will explain all off the options available to you and your company enabling you to make an informed decision.

Our passion is to save viable businesses, giving the best possible advice to directors, creditors and stakeholders in any insolvency situation. Our first task will be to work alongside you to assess if we can implement recovery and turnaround plans, steering you back on course.

We will always try to find a rescue options to save your business or to prevent a formal insolvency. The earlier you seek advice when confronted with bad debt, reduced demand, excessive borrowing or adverse economic circumstances, the quicker we can offer practical strategies and solutions.

If there is no alternative but to bring the business to a close and liquidate the company we provide quick solutions and considered advice to ensure that the correct steps are taken on behalf of the company.

Throughout the process we will endeavour to provide a value added cost effective service.

Case studies
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2. IVA – Individual Voluntary Arrangement resulting from credit card and loan debts – please click to read

Here are some links you may find useful:
Insolvency Practitioners Association (IPA)
This is a professional association for insolvency practitioners and also acts as a regulating body.

Insolvency Service
This is part of the Department of Trade and Industry and specialises in providing insolvency-related services including:

• Acting as a regulatory body under The Insolvency Act 1986.
• Monitoring the performance of other Insolvency regulators.
• Handling Bankruptcy and Compulsory Liquidations.
• Carrying out investigation work in relation to business failures.
• Operating the Official Receivers offices.

Association of Business Recovery Professionals (R3)
This is the trade association for business recovery and insolvency practitioners who specialise in working with underperforming businesses. It was formerly the Society of Practitioners of Insolvency.

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