July, 2019

Although I am really excited about my new business, Navigate Business Recovery, it is not the most riveting thing to chat about at a party or networking event. Surprisingly though, many share their most intimate ailments with medical professionals! So perhaps a polite conversation around the topic of financial distress is not to be frowned on, whilst sipping a glass or two of white or red!

Who wants to talk about the possibility of going bust?
With careful management and experienced professional advice, businesses and individuals can often avoid this painful journey. Sometimes it is the right thing to do to call an end to a loss-making entity or venture. But do you know if you can avoid it completely? Or if you do need to make difficult decisions, what’s the best way to go about them, to have the least adverse impact on your day-to–day life?

Don’t want to hit the rocks? Navigate your way around them.

1. Contact the experts early – the more options you’ll be likely to have
2. Talk to someone who is sympathetic – sharing the load will help relieve the pressures of the 24/7 burden
3. Understand the advantages and disadvantages of the different options available
4. Work with someone who will call the shots for you and tell you like it is with no punches pulled

Launch the Lifeboat
If you know of anyone who maybe facing financial difficulties, please direct them to me, Vee Bharakda. They can email: vee@navigatebr.com; call on 01494 786 000 or 07961 116 321. All are assured of a confidential, friendly and professional reception. It helps to talk.

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DISCLAIMER This blog / article is for information and interest only. It is not a substitute for full professional advice, which will take account of the specific and individual circumstances surrounding your matter. Navigate Business Recovery Limited cannot accept any responsibility for any loss arising as a result of any person or organisation acting or refraining from acting on any information.