July, 2019

Thank you for all the responses to my first blog. So, here’s the culture shock. I’ve moved from working in the corporate world to running my own business. The support safety net is no longer there. I have had all sorts of offers of support. But how long will these last? Sooner or later the favours will have been called in and I’ll have to pay commercial rates for these services: marketing, IT, legal etc.

Don’t Fail – Plan
We need to do plan for this and produce a small business plan; well at least a cash flow forecast. The most common reason for businesses going out of business is they run out of cash. They may even be profitable on paper! There may be an unexpected or unaffordable tax bill, slow payers or calling in of loan facility. Remember “cash is king”.
So, if you are feeling financial the pressure then the sooner you take advice the better. You may just need some restructuring of your finances.

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Time to Talk
We’re here to help you navigate the choppy waters of financial distress. For the best remedies, contact Vee Bharakda at Navigate Business Rescue, email: vee@navigatebr.com; call on 01494 786 000 or 07961 116 321.