Avoiding Bankruptcy

If you avoid bankruptcy the advantage to you is:

• avoid the fear of losing your home
• your employer will need not know about your financial situation
• if you are in business you will be able to continue to trade
• you may still be able to obtain credit
• creditors will stop harassing you for unpaid bills
• you remain in control of your financial affairs
• interviews held with our advisors who are compassionate and prompt
• no inspection by outsiders of your personal records

How can this be achieved?
Each person’s situation is, of course, different and the circumstances of each will determine what can be done and what may be appropriate:

• debt reduction and arbitration
• negotiation and early settlement
• informal voluntary arrangements
• mortgage/ re-mortgage
• liaison with “aggressive” creditors
• review and repair credit references
• clear county court judgments

Avoid the threat of losing your home, continue trading your business, protect your name, no more creditors chasing you. Gain full support from our advisors’ to take these pressures away from you and keep you supported and informed.

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