July, 2019

Many businesses throughout the United Kingdom often need to get credit from their banks, suppliers or investors but often find it hard to do so. This can often be due to inaccurate information held on credit reference agencies data or records.

At Navigate Business Recovery, our corporate credit correction service will try to eliminate the adverse credit held on your file. This can also be advantageous if your company has been affected by any individual that may have connection with the business.

We provide a comprehensive service and aim to minimise any past adverse history that may have affected your business. It is important to note that any bad credit such as defaults or county court judgements, will remain on your credit file for a minimum of six years even if the debt is paid off in full. This can sometimes also result in the business and/or home address been blacklisted.

What Navigate Business Recovery can do for you…

We ensure to carry out the necessary action for the credit reference agency to amend or delete any information that may be held incorrectly on file.

Credit Correction Process – The three stages

Stage one – We will carry out a search on your company and provide a fully detailed report which will include statutory information held at Companies House of all directors, any debentures or charges registered along with the credit score and financial analysis for the past four years.

Stage 2 – From the information obtained in stage one, we can then discuss these items with you and identify what can be done or removed from your credit file to improve your business credit. If additional searches have to be made, there may be an extra charge.

Stage 3 – We are then in a position to finalise the report for you. Stages 1 & 2 are usually completed on the same day, whilst stage 3 can take between two to four weeks depending on how complex the case may be.

Please feel free to contact Vee Bharakda at Navigate Business Recovery on 07961-116321 or 01494-786000.

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