How can a small business compete when it comes to recruitment?

Finding that right talent is always tough, but as the job market begins to open up skilled candidates have a vast array of options and are likely to head for the bigger company names where they have bigger budgets and greater recruiting power. Smaller businesses don’t have a dedicated team of recruiters or the time to start a search.

How can the smaller company fill that skills gap whatever the industry? The Federation of Small Businesses survey in June 2014 found that almost 30% of small firms were being held back by a skills shortage, with construction and IT suffering the most.

So what can a small business do to fight back?

  • Invest in fresh young talent. It’s a bigger gene pool to select from and lower cost. Take a bottom up approach.
  • Offer a commitment to training and skills development. If the culture of the company is right they’ll stay.
  • Look at your existing team and see if anyone could be trained internally to do the job.
  • Look outside of your local area. It may even be worth considering a relocation package.
  • Review the salary package available. Add to it – consider enhancing those perks.
  • Do you really need someone full time? Maybe there is a job share option with another company who are looking for the same skill set.
  • Get out there early – look at employing high quality apprenticeships and graduates ahead of the recruitment curve.
  • Consider employing a recruitment company who can help with writing quality job descriptions and assisting with candidate applications. They will have far more resources at their disposal.
  • Use the Internet to advertise, that’s where your candidates will be looking.

What are your top tips and experiences?
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