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We have the valued experience and expertise to offer you the most appropriate and valuable personal insolvency advice.

Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA)

An IVA can release you from your unsecured debts.

An IVA is an agreement to pay a sum of money into a single arrangement for the benefit of unsecured creditors, i.e. those who do not hold security, such as a mortgage, over any assets. Often, this can result in a significant proportion of your unsecured debts being written off by the creditors. Once an IVA has been approved, no unsecured creditor can take any further action to recover their money, outside of what has been agreed in the IVA.

A typical IVA could include an offer to pay a:

  • Lump sum of money, possibly obtained from a re-mortgage or third party
  • Monthly payment from disposable income, for between 3 and 5 years
  • Or a Combination of the above.

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